Yuvaa Yoga

What is Yuvaa Yoga?

Basic 16 Postures:

According to ancient yoga texts, it is said that there exist over 8.4 milion postures. These 16 postures have been selected to create a basic foundation to begin the practice of hatha yoga.

Therapeutic Benefits:

Each posture has its own therapeutical value. For example, twisting postures activate the intestines and the digestive systme whereas pranayama helps to strengthen the respiratory system. Each posture’s therapeutic benefits will be taught in detail. Some traditional postures and inversions will be taught so provide caution to those with blood pressure or neck problems.

Benefits for students:

  • By mastering the basic techniques in these foundational postures, students are able to achieve advanced postures.

  • Provides a foundation for understanding the body’s anatomy and physiology

  • Repetition allows students to learn sanskrit names of the postures and their meaning

  • Benefits for teachers:

  • Provides basic knowledge of sequencing enabling classes to be tailored to groups or individuals

  • Apt for practitioners aiming to become personal trainers and yoga therapists

  • Ideal for practitioners or teachers interested in deepening their practice, knowledge and skills by learning new methodologies or techniques