Runner's Yoga


Running is typically considered as a lower body sport, but there is a great involvement of the core muscles to provide balance, support and stability.

In the running process, it is normally the changing of support from one leg to the other. There are basically two phases, the stance phase and the swing phase, which repeat in a constant cycle. However, many runners may not be aware we are creating imbalance in our body because we are using and thus loading the skilful side of our body more unconsciously, such that the dominant side will be “over-trained” and can get cramps or injuries more easily.

Being a yoga master, as well as a marathon runner, Master Yuva started extensive research and study on what causes common injuries for runners. With the guidance from Dr. Kanna Puglezhandi, Yuva understood the bio-mechanics behind and was able to find ways to improve runner’s performance in order to get excellent results. Yuva approached it in a scientific way and developed the yoga series – “Runner's Yoga”. The training series, utilising simple postures like Eka Padasan, Nataraj Asan, Uditha Pada Angustansan, Garudasana, etc, helps runners prevent and rehabilitate from injuries by correcting the imbalance runners have.

With the help of powerful tools like motion view software and with the guidance of a university in Hong Kong, the runner’s action is analysed to find out the predominant legs and its movements. Then, a Runner's Yoga series will be tailor-made to suit individual runner’s need. After warming up, there will be the strength training with an emphasis on the weaker side to rebuild the balance of our body. Then there will be the flexibility training to stretch the muscles completely, the pranayama training to improve the lung capacity, and lastly the meditation to help our unconscious mind understand our training better.