Kalari Yoga


Kalari and yoga are the ancient arts born in India. Kalari is known as mother of all martial arts and yoga is known as mother of all arts. There are two types of Kalari which are vadakan style from kerala and Therkan style from Tamil Nadu.

The silambam comes from the Therkan style only, which is the beautiful and graceful movement performed by using stick. The chrimbam small stick has a fast swift and powerful strike. Therkan style is applied as it has a lot of fighting and direct combat techniques which are known as choudu. Choudu is classified as othai choudu ( movement of one leg only ), Perivu Choudu (whole body movement with twist turns and kicks with both legs ) and jodi choudu ( two people together ).

Kalari yoga is a mixture of the above said choudu movements with yoga postures. It is designed to meet the need of 20th century people. The fast twist, turns, kicks and punch increase one's heart rate and then relax immediately with the yoga postures. This type of yoga concentrates on the legs, thighs and hips for kicking, twisting and changing direction. People need to use their full body to do such actions including the trunk.

Through the practice, it can help to develop speed, power, and endurance and will not allow the formation of lactic acid in the body. It also can help people to keep their mind and body active and healthy. Kalari yoga has many great health benefits and is a remedial measure in a host of modern day illnesses. This will help to prevent heart attack and also cures diabetes.