India Studio

Yuvaa School Of Yoga,

No 113, M.T.H .Road,Padi,


Tamil Nadu,India.

Thirumoolar School Of Yoga,

Ashok Nagar,Chennai,

Tamil Nadu, India.

Class & workshop Topics
  • Yuvaa yoga (Basic 16 ):
  • The Basic16 postures which can Guide the beginners to apply and discover deeper knowledge about yoga and their body to build up advance postures

  • Yuvaa yoga(16-600) :
  • Learn the principles of combining 16 preparatory posture that can be applied to master your asana practice which allows to build 600 advance postures by emphasizing deeper breathing and relaxing techniques

  • Yuvaa yoga( Sports yoga)
  • Generally playing any sports in professional level creates imbalance and pain in the body, this class helps the students to expand their awareness to learn &teach simple specific postures for various sports to play the game without injuries and imbalance

  • Yuvaa Yoga ( Kalari Yoga)
  • Yoga is known as mother of all arts and Kalari (ancient martial Indian martial art) is known as mother of all martial arts, the combination of eight kalari animal moves and 8200000 yogic posture which gives excellent results for various aliments and can be used as an substitute to EECP machine

  • Yuvaa Yoga ( Painless Spine)
  • The ecstatic way to expand range of motion through twist with back bends that allows in increasing mobility in all the movements of the spine freely. This class will also help the students to explore the attributes of spine and its movement that digs deeps to realize anatomical and bio mechanical wear and tear of our joints,muscle, tissue and physical structure with trigger points & myo- fascial release techniques

  • Yuvaa Yoga (Breathe & Hold)
  • Different types of breathing techniques and its importance during the postures with Bhandas & mudras that helps in strengthening the internal organs and glands by removing the impurities from the depth of our body and helps to flow the sakthi energy in koshas or the micro and macro system of our body

  • Yuvaa Yoga ( Centrifugal Force)
  • This class teaches the beginner the tricks for balancing without the wall to get stronger foundation & techniques of Arm balances & Inversions by awakening core which will help you to find courage and confidence to on your hands and upside down

  • Yuvaa Yoga ( Cross Leg to Kandarasan)
  • This class helps in increasing the mobility of your hips and teaches the flexion, extension,rotation,adduction, abduction of your hips, knees and ankles which gives the knowledge of Bio-mechanics and movements of the body that can be directly applied in the postures to master all complicated asanas

  • Satkriyas:(level 1-2)
  • The ancient techniques like neti,Basti,dhauti which is used for cleansing and detoxifying our body with natural techniques to stay long and healthy

  • Practicals and Demonstrations-
  • Natural Diet&Detox:(level 1-2) Emphasizing natural diet including special juices and different type of breathing techniques with Video clip explanation or slide show of sand bath & banana leaves bath

  • Natural Diet & preparation:(level-1)
  • This class emphasis vegetarianism &teaches the participants or the students ,the preparation of uncooked food or raw diet and juices

  • Thirumoolar yoga (level-1)
  • This class explains about the the Sage Thirumoolar and his 3000 songs which is known as thirumandrium that talks about yoga,medicine,tantra,yantras, natural powers etc which is an very ancient text of south india (Tamil Nadu )

  • Acqoustic yoga ( level -1)
  • This class talks about the bond between yoga and music. Combination of seven chakra theory & seven musical notes theory

  • Natural Diet & its importance (level-1)
  • Basic postures with deep explanation of different types of food like rajastic,Tamastic &sattivic food. This class stresses the importance of vegetarianism and also the advantage and disadvantage of processed food,semi processed food and raw diet These are some of the classes I have given for your references, if you need more details and explanation of the classes, please contact me via email.