Golf Yoga


Being a sportsman and having been trained by the world renowned Dr.Kannan Pugalendhi and Dr.Dhomas W.Myers in fitness skills, muscle aliments and facilitation in better understanding of the game especially the muscle groups involved, Yuva was invited to devise a course for golf players through the use of yoga postures to enable them to improve their playing ability.

"When I got the golf wedge at the beginning, I held it as a cricket bat and tried to hit the ball like a shuttlecock." Yuva said. Then he was properly trained by a professional golfer and coach Mr. Christopher who helped him to learn the game and understand it better. "I hit thousands of balls by standing in one place everyday. Finally, I was able to swing like a golfer but it caused me lots of pain in my back and different muscles."

Keeping in mind the demands of the game, he used five principles to devise an entire yoga workout class for golfers - rotation, extension, core stability, strength and balance in mind and body. Rotation: focus on the rotary aspect to achieve a full swing. Extension: the mind section of the body needs to be extended especially the lower back, abdomen and oblique which are used extensively in the swing.

Flexibility: all sports need flexibility. Core stability: all sports need core stability, and gold if no exception. If the core is not strong enough, we can never expect to play well. Balance: without balance, you can't connect properly with the ball. There is a special posture can help golfers to maintain balance.