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Ayurveda & Yoga Course


Yuva school of yoga speciality course taught by Dr.Yuva Dayalan and Dr.Kethi where students or praticioner will be understanding yoga and gaining deeper knowledge about ayurvedha. This will be an eye opener for the students and helps them to combine both the traditional pratice together in their teachings and day to day life because yoga and ayurvedha goes hand in hand. Once the students are enrolled they will receive their stdy material through email ans contact class dates for the regular students will be updated in mail. for more details email to yuvaayoga@yahoo.com


Online courses :USD 299 OR HKD$ 2399

Regular course fee: 499 USD OR HKD$ 3999

COURSE DURATION: Two to Three weeks

COURSE ELIGIBILITY: To Read and Write English


  • Ayurveda and yoga
  • Introduction
  • what is yoga? Why to learn Ayurveda? Defination and Aims and Objects of Ayurveda and yoga History of Ayurveda History of yoga Body & Mind Relationship Definition of Healthy Person according to Ayurveda
  • Basic Principles of Ayurveda and yoga ---
  • Astanga yoga Human Body & Universe relationship Five basic elements theory and its application in daily life 7 basic systems / tissues Three basic energies in body (Vata,Pitta,Kapha) Checking Body Types … Know your body type Body type Managements
  • Preventive Aspects-
  • Daily Regimen and do’s and don’ts in day today life Seasonal Regimen and seasonal body care Body clock, lifestyle and importance in preventive treatments Cleansing Methods- Body Purifications( Panchkarma) and its roll in prevention and cure.. Ayurvedic view of Psychological health, Spiritual and philosophical thinking for longevity of life and prevention
  • Ayurvedic Psychology –
  • Concept of mind in Ayurveda Know your Mind types Concept of Satva, Raja & Tama (Properties of Mind ) Psychology, Psychiatry & Ayurveda Do’s . & Don’ts for Psychological health Psychological problems, its effects on Body and Ayurveda view
  • Herbs and spices
  • Basics Introduction to Important herbs & Spices Kitchen remedies Food ,spices and home remedies in various diseases
  • Ayurvedic Diagnosis-
  • Examination of Patient Pulse examination for diagnosing vitiated Dosha Examination of certain body parts
  • Diet & nutrition-
  • Basics 6 taste theory Ghee, oil & Honey Ayurvedic Dietics , Do’s and Don’ts Classification of Food, Food According to Body Constitution Mind & Food, Incompatibility of food Properties of common food items Kitchen remedies
  • Panchkarma (Body purifications) –
  • Introduction Types – 5 major Panchkarma Subtypes of Panchkarma - Various relaxing and pain relief external treatments in Panchakarma
  • Management in chronic illness-
  • Obesity and Ayurveda Skin care -cure and Ayurveda Ayurveda and Pain management Ayurvedic view in Hypertension, Heart problems , Diabetes and other chronic illness
  • Practicals and Demonstrations-
  • 1.How to check your Body Type
  • 2.How to check your Mind type
  • 3.Ayurvedic Head massage
  • 4.Ayurvedic oil massage (Abhyangam)
  • 5.Herbal Foot massage and herbal foot bath
  • 6.Marma points and Marma massage
  • 7.Ayurvedic facial
  • 8.Herbal hair care
  • 9.Kitchen remedies
  • 10.Ayurvedic healthy cooking